2 november 2021 г.
Lubricant factory extension works for Shell Oil in Torjok, Tver re ...
8 september 2021 г.
Caring for Nature
3 march 2020 г.
Industrial and Logistic Complex for Storage and Transfer of Mineral ...
18 december 2019 г.
Construction of Air Separation Unit in Lipetsk
25 november 2019 г.
Reconstruction of Heating Furnaces with Walking Beams
10 september 2019 г.
Construction of Air Separation Unit in Novotroitsk
17 july 2019 г.
Stellar Construction has completed heavy lifting and installation o ...
7 may 2019 г.
Stellar Construction carries out a special assessment of working co ...
18 march 2019 г.
The representative of Stellar construction LLC took part in the lar ...
11 january 2019 г.
Construction has entered the year of new achievements
19 october 2018 г.
Installation of a new urea reactor
1 august 2018 г.
Construction of ammonium sulphate complex at Apatit JSC in Cherepov ...